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Fiction on the edge without crossing the line…

Looking for gritty and thought provoking faith-based fiction? You’ve come to the right place! My novels serve up contemporary romance with a twist of suspense and a touch of humour. Sign up for my newsletter and get a FREE COPY of PLAY IT AGAIN.


Sparks fly when an ex-rock and rock junky and a stuffy accountant rendevouz at a local resort, but neither are prepared for the emotional entanglements or danger from the past. Set in the 1980s, this is the ‘pre-quel’ to the evolutionary mystery/thriller CONSPIRACY OF BONESFind out where it all began for Dr. Mark Graham in this, the story of his parents.

A gritty, honest, real life story full of grace and truth

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“You’re heading down a dark path. I’ve seen it happen before. Reporters getting obsessed about things they can’t change.” Diamond smuggling, police corruption, suspicious deaths and a reporter’s obsession. What could possibly go wrong? TEMPEST TOSSED Three Strand Cord Book 3

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