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Booktalk Tuesdays with Tracy!

a new weekly feature!

By now you may have heard about a new “thing” I’m doing.

Every Tuesday I post a video talking about books called “Booktalk Tuesday with Tracy”. It has been a blast and I am enjoying the challenge of learning more about making and editing videos. I am also enjoying the conversation (so far only with myself!) about the inspiration behind my books, the writing process, the challenges and so much more. I am trying to keep them short (no more than five minutes) to maintain viewer engagement.

Tomorrow will be the fifth episode – already! I’ll be talking about the inspiration behind my book PLAY IT AGAIN, so look for that link on Social Media or go to my Youtube channel.  (You can always subscribe to it, too, so you won’t miss an episode!)

I’ve added a new page to this website where you can find all of the past Booktalks. It’s simply called “Booktalks” in the menu bar. (Of course it is!)

Eventually, I plan to talk about other authors’ books I especially admire, and maybe even invite authors and readers to talk with me about books. I hesitate to call it a podcast since I haven’t gotten that far yet, but who knows?

Anyway, check out the past episodes and join me tomorrow for a brand new one!

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