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Four New Zentangles

Doodling is good therapy!

Doodling really is good therapy!

I have showcased much of my ‘Zentangle’ art in previous posts. I got started when I was teaching art at the public high school and thought it was an interesting project. Turns out I enjoyed it as much (or more) than my students!

One of the things I did was draw a zentangled animal for each member of my family that started with the letter of his or her name. You can see former art here and here. When writing this post, I noticed I couldn’t find the fox I did for my granddaughter Freyja other than the “in progress’ ones above, (none of which I liked) so I will have to make a note to myself and take a picture next time I visit!

I keep having to add to the collection! This past Christmas I gave away four more pieces. I gained a new son-in-law, a new daughter-in-law and two new grandsons.

Rebeccah’s Rabbit

James’s Jaguar

Iver’s Iguana

Freddie’s Fox

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