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Impressions and Reflections

from InScribe's Fall Conference 2021

I’ve had time to digest all that I learned at the recent InScribe Fall Conference from September 30 to October 2 and I wanted to share some general impressions and reflections from the event.

Our key verse and theme were timely indeed since we had to pivot with very short notice to a virtual event after months of planning to meet together in Edmonton. Theme: God’s Word never Changes: Certainty in an Uncertain Time – Lamentations 3: 22 – 23 Through the Lord’s mercies we are not consumed because His compassions fail not.
They are new every morning; great is Your faithfulness.

Thursday’s Kick-off featured Author readings, awards, recognition for long-time volunteers, and a special tribute to our departed friend Bobbi Junior. What a special evening! It was wonderful to see and hear from friends and colleagues during the author readings and there was so much variety. I look forward to this part of the event each year so it was extra nice that we could still incorporate it even if we had to pivot to virtual.

  • Jack Popjes made me laugh. (As always!)
  • Karma Anderson touched my heart.
  • Sheri Hathaway made me smile with her witty words.
  • Pat Gerbrandt’s descriptions were so amazing. I love your stories!
  • Thanks to Connie Inglis for some very deep reflections in both prose and poetry form.
  • Carol Harrison’s phrase ‘families of dust bunnies” was very clever.
  • Marnie Pohlmann’s eloquence struck me once again with turns of phrase like, “The summers with no night…”and “found while wandering…” Your words are so powerful and poignant.
  • Andrea Kidd’s poem was lovely and lyrical.
  • Ruth Anderson shared some interesting thoughts on the pandemic.
  • Tandy Balson’s ekphrastic prose, written to a piece of art, was inspired.
  • Barbara Fuller shared something very meaningful.

I also shared a short reading from my novel ALIENS AMONG US and the introduction to my devotional book DIVINE APPOINTMENTS.

And then there was the tribute to Bobbie Junior…

Bobbi was such a beautiful soul. She was practical, pragmatic, but always caring and never judgemental. The phrase “God winks” was typical Bobbi and we heard it often in conversation. She was never loud or overbearing, but when she spoke, people listened. She didn’t need to yell to be heard. People just sat up, ears attentive. She used her administrative gifts to keep us all in line and for that, we are forever grateful! I was thinking that she was smiling down on the event and I think we all felt a “God wink” that this was the right and proper thing to do in her honour.

At the end of the evening, my biggest takeaway was the deep sense of COMMUNITY I feel within the ranks of InScribe.

Moving on to two full days of sessions, keynotes, and workshops and there was a lot to take in. The worship time each morning was so important in setting the tone for the day. I am glad we decided to go ahead with it, along with short devotional readings by the first and second place winners in our Fall Contest Devotional category.

There were a variety of workshops throughout the two days which I may describe more in future posts. For now, I want to focus on the keynote DS Martin. When the executive first booked him, I admit to wondering how wise it was to book a poet as a keynote. It was the first time doing so. I’m not sure why this thought crossed my mind since we book novelists and non-fiction writers, so why not a poet? In any case, he was amazing! Each of his keynote addresses built on the other with such harmony and purpose and his messages truly were for all writers. I came away feeling as if I had been to church! He ministered in such a profound and meaningful way that I am sure everyone left the conference feeling very full indeed. He used his own poetry as examples, but each piece was so beautifully layered and fit exactly with his message.

These are just my general impressions of the conference. Next week I’ll get into some meat!

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