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Livin’ the Dream – Revisited

Satisfaction, Fulfillment, Contentment - Yup!

Something strange happened last week when I went to write my weekly blog post. I had nothing to say. I’ve heard others talk about staring at a blank screen, but I must admit, it rarely happens to me.

Perhaps I was preoccupied with the fact that my husband was home. He works away and lives in a camp, so when he is home I try to be ‘present’, so to speak. Usually, I try to pre-write and schedule blog posts etc. so that I’m not distracted by such things when he is home. Unfortunately, that didn’t happen because I was consumed with writing report cards in the first weeks of January, and didn’t get to as much ‘other’ work as I’d hoped. Then, two of my granddaughters came for a two-day sleep-over (they are in our ‘bubble’), we had some other errands to run, I had other meetings, and… well, now I’m just making excuses!

The bottom line is, I dropped the ball.

However, I was thinking about how very blessed I feel and how much I appreciate my life. I enjoyed my time as a homeschooling mom during those years. I was very fulfilled in my twenty-plus years teaching public school. And now, I am privileged to work from home. I have time to pursue my writing as well as other interests. I really couldn’t be happier. The phrase, “Livin’ the dream’ actually applies. 

I started to write this blog post and then realized I’d written one with this very same title already. It must be true if I keep coming back to it. So, I thought I’d link to that other post which goes into a bit more detail, including a nod to my friend Russ who always uses that line.

Yes, I really am LIVIN’ THE DREAM… 

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