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LOVE Ekphrastic Writing

Written pieces inspired by Art

I was honoured to have one of the paintings I submitted to the Peace Liard Regional Juried Art Exhibition this past spring become the inspiration for an Ekrphrastic poem by writer Seanah Roper. The poem “Love”, (also the name of the painting) is about childbirth and is powerful in its description, especially for anyone who has gone through the experience. Here is a video of Seanah reading the poem:

PLRAC’s 2020 Ekphrastic Writing Exhibit: Seanah Roper, Honourable Mention


I also received this lovely broadside, which has the poem and painting side by side – a very nice way to preserve and commemorate the pieces.


You can view the entire series of paintings I did during Covid lockdown called “Fruit of the Spirit”. 





  1. The painting’s lovely, and thanks for including the poem.

    1. tracykrauss says:

      Thanks. I was very pleased when I found out one of my paintings was being used in this way.

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