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Mug of the Day!

a collection of pottery

This summer, just for fun, I started posting a ‘mug of the day’ on Social Media, since I own so many beautiful pottery mugs. I genuinely get pleasure out of choosing a different mug each day from my collection to enjoy my morning coffee.

Who knew it would be so popular? I got a lot of comments and likes on those posts! No wonder, since the pottery really is nice, but I think people enjoy seeing something ‘real’, too. In all, I posted about 40 mugs! I also started highlighting some of my other pottery on weekends.

I thought I’d put together a montage to recap. Here are some collages of mugs. Not all by any means, but…  Enjoy!


  1. You have quite a collection!

  2. Deborah Benterud says:

    Lovely idea Tracy, love your creativity in every way.

    1. tracykrauss says:

      I’ve got to find ways! I’d also love to be able to have more snuggles with the grandkids but you know how that goes… !

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