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My Poor Husband and a Video Interview!

Some Humorous Pros and Cons of Book Promotion

For those that follow me online, you’ll know I took part in several simultaneous book promotions recently. The definite upside was I did get a lot of good leads and gained several hundred new email subscribers. That is what these types of book promotions are supposed to do – add people to one’s newsletter mailing list.

One of the cons was that almost immediately, some of those new subscribers started unsubscribing, presumably once they got their free book. I guess that is also part of the outcome and is to be expected. One has to wonder how many folks will actually stick around and get to know me a bit better, and hopefully become part of my community of readers.

Another rather humorous downside (not according to my husband!!!!) was that my husband signed up for the one promotion and now his email is exploding with newsletters from people he doesn’t really want to hear from. He said he was trying to be supportive, but I guess he is an example of one of those people who will be unsubscribing!

Another thing he wasn’t too keen about was the fact that he got a promotion from an erotica mailing list! I am not sure how that got there, but the graphic looked very similar to the one used in my Inspirational romance promotion, so maybe he clicked onto the wrong meme! (He’s not that techie, and it serves him right for never wearing his glasses!) In any case, I certainly hope that didn’t happen to anyone else!

That was the funny part, but I best not laugh too much, poor fellow! He does try to be supportive.

I’ll end this post with an interview I did with a friend and fellow author, Ruth L. Snyder. In it, I talk about my writing journey, my faith, and other things! It was a great interview, in my opinion. Enjoy!

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