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The Memoirs of Gilles Goddard

I am good friends with an 85 year old former trucker. You might wonder what we have in common, but that’s easy. We both love Jesus! We spent a lot of time together in the last few months, on ZOOM and then in person as Covid restrictions (and our own comfort levels) eased.

I first met Gilles in 2008 when we started attending the same church. Even then, he could spin an interesting yarn. Then last year he asked me if I could help him redeem an airplane ticket that he had received as a gift. He wanted to visit his wife in the nursing home where she resides, but wasn’t sure how to redeem the ticket. I ended up writing an article for our local paper called “A Valentine For Gilles” which I also shared here. (You can read it here.)

I made an offhand comment that he should start recording his life story, since it was so fascinating. Shortly thereafter, he called me up and asked, “Were you serious about writing my story?” And thus, this project began.

It’s a short read, with only 94 pages, but I guarantee you’ll be engaged by Gilles’ story. He was a long-haul trucker for fifty years, but was also in the navy and the militia. He lost two children, both in tragic circumstances, and had to raise seven kids on his own when his 1st wife left him and ran away. He’s also had five heart attacks and cancer! Talk about a survivor! Through it all, he maintained a strong but simple faith. Writing the book and spending time with Gilles was very inspiring.

All that to say, ANGELS WATCHING OVER ME – THE MEMOIRS OF GILLES GODDARD is now available in both ebook and paperback!


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  1. Congratulations to Gilles.

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