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Proudly Canadian

Books set in Canada

“Write what you know.” Or so the saying goes.

While I don’t feel as if I need to experience everything in order to write about it, there is something about actually “being there” that makes a difference in the way one writes about a place.

Case in point: Last summer my husband and I took a trip to Yellowknife. I knew that the characters from my most recent book were going to end up there for a few scenes, but actually having been there myself made it so much easier to write about the scenery in an authentic way. (For more on my soon to be released book, TEMPEST TOSSED, stay tuned!)

Since Canada Day is fast approaching, it made me think about all of the Canadian locations I’ve written about in my novels so far. (I’ve legitimately spent time in each and every one.)

Happy Canada Day!

Conspiracy of Bones & Play it AgainWinnipeg, MB & other locations in Manitoba.

My Mother the Man-Eater – Vancouver, BC.

Wind Over Marshdale & Lone Wolf Regina, SK & other locations in Saskatchewan.

Neighbours & Keeping Up With the Neighbours – Calgary, AB.


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