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7 Mafia Brides for 7 Brothers

Book reviews

I don’t often post book reviews here, but this series is an exception. 7 Mafia Brides for 7 Brothers is, as the title suggests, a spin off the old Hollywood classic Seven Brides for Seven Brothers. However, as suspected, it is set in modern day Idaho on the substantial lumber empire of the family Woodsman. The family are mourning the loss of their beloved mother, but when the brothers go into town, they encounter a group of white supremacists trying to attack seven unknown females. They immediately rescue the women and take them to safety at their country home in the woods. Unknown to the brothers, the women are all daughters of nefarious mafia leaders, on the run from their fathers.

Naturally, one has to suspend all disbelief, since what happens next is unrealistic. But that’s part of the charm of this series! You guessed it. All seven brothers fall for one of the mafia princesses. Intrigue and romance ensue and the outcome is not surprising. However, each individual book focuses on one romance at a time. Below are my Amazon and goodreads reviews. (Remember folks, Amazon reviews help authors!!)

Review of the Series ‘7 Mafia Brides for 7 Brothers”
Book 0 Shattered Illusions – by Parker J. Cole and Lynnette Roman

A necessary read in order to fully get the rest of the series, it was not my favourite book and I probably wouldn’t have read it as a standalone. However, once I started Book 1 of the series I realized I needed more backstory – which is where this book comes in. It lays it all out and gives us insight into the Woodsman family as well as the events leading up to the main stories in the rest of the series. I would definitely read this one either before or part way into the series to help flesh it out. I will bring clarity and insight and it’s a pretty good book, too! I rated this four star.


Book 1 Axel’s Sunshine by Parker J. Cole

I really enjoyed this book – because of this first book I read the entire series. However, I did go back part way through and read the backstory book, ‘Shattered Illusions’ which helped me sort things out in my mind. Without it, I felt a bit confused at times in Book 1. Having said that, once I went back to this book, I really got into it. The characters seem well developed and believable; the romance was sweet with just enough heat without becoming uncomfortable or graphic; the descriptions are wonderful. I fell in love with the characters and was inspired to read the next book in the series. Yes, the overall plot is unrealistic, but it is still fun and since it’s based on the old Hollywood classic, Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, it works. Overall, I loved it and wanted to read each and every book in the series. (Which I did. Look up individual books for more reviews of the series.) I gave this five stars.

Book 2 Benjamin’s Blessing by Melinda Viergever Inman

Book 2 in the 7 Mafia Brides for 7 Brothers Series, this book did not disappoint. It was very interesting to me the way the author was able to take what had already happened in the first books and incorporate it in a fresh way from a new perspective. I was seeing some of the same scenes again from a whole different light, yet they still meshed. I liked the characters and felt like the author had a good grasp of who they were on a deeper than surface level. Like Book 1, there’s some heated romance, great descriptions, action and intrigue. The premise behind the series is obviously unrealistic (seven brothers meet seven random women and all seven fall head over heels within a week and then get married…) BUT, because it’s based on the Hollywood classic Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, I am all in and loving it. Five stars.

Book 3 Colby’s Sapphire by Joanna Emerson
Still enjoying this series! I like the way the same scenes are being played over but from different perspectives. I also appreciate the care with which this author tried to make the main characters in this instalment unique with their own hang-ups and personality traits separate from the first two sets of lovers. I definitely think one needs to read the prior books, though, in order to really understand the plot and the broader scope of what is going on. So far the books are meshing together nicely and extending the story just enough to keep me reading. Another five stars.
Book 4 David’s Dare by Suprina Frazier

Rarely can a series such as this continue with such positive momentum. Once again, the characters are unique, believable, and interesting. Although some of the same scenes are being played over for the fourth time, there is enough fresh perspective to make me want to see it from their side of the fence. I don’t want to say this was my favourite so far because all the books are pretty equal in that department, but I liked the fact that the characters and outcome felt less ‘stock’ or predictable than some previous installments. The whole premise behind the series is blatantly unrealistic (seven brothers meet seven random women and all seven fall head over heels within a week and then get married…) But the great thing about it is, once I suspend that disbelief, I am all in to these stories. It’s a trope that works on a romantic level. Five stars!

Book 5 Edgar’s Embrace by Darliss Batchelor

This is the fifth individual romance in this series based loosely on the Hollywood classic Seven Brides for Seven Brothers. (It’s book six of the entire series.) I most definitely think one needs to read the other books first in order to finish reading this book. In my view it wouldn’t stand alone well. I have to say, it was my least favourite so far of the series, but because I am invested in the series as a whole, I kept reading. I do love the series premise as a whole, unrealistic as it is. (Seven brothers instantly fall for seven strangers and get married within a month.) Because the other books are so strong, this one works to flesh out the story of these characters. However, the characters themselves seem shallow and undeveloped. I did not feel as sympathetic toward either of them, not necessarily because they seem to behave in what can only be described as random fashion, but because these choices aren’t fully developed. Their relationship itself feels forced and some of the scenes that appear in previous stories seem slightly out of place or different. It just feels less consistent with the rest. I also noticed a lot of ‘telling’ rather than showing and the use of passive voice, which may be why the story didn’t seem as alive. However, as I said, it has merit in that it fits with the rest of the series, even if it isn’t as strong as the rest of the books have been so far. Three stars… sorry.

Book 6 Fred’s Fire by Allyson Carter

Oh dear. I’ve been a fan of this series so far which is loosely based on the Seven Brides for Seven Brothers trope. This book definitely has merit and adds to the story, but I was disconcerted in Chapter one when some key discrepancies appeared. So far, all the books have replayed many of the same scenes from various points of view, but unfortunately this one changed some things – and I definitely noticed! (Example – in scene one there are different people in the car than in all the previous books!) This happened more than once and I even went back and skimmed through other books just to make sure. Listen, I’m obsessed with this series and really enjoying it, but this kind of thing almost made me quit the series. Because I am so invested, I put my irritation aside and kept reading. Once I did that, the book itself is quite good and I actually ended up liking the characters and felt like they were well developed, as was the overall story. (Even though I wasn’t a Fred fan at first because of his seemingly sexist behaviour.) There were more than a couple of inconsistencies between this book and the rest of the series. Also, there was some graphic violence and some profanity which seemed unnecessary. I don’t mention it because I ‘can’t handle those things’, but they felt gratuitous. In the end, I enjoyed the book as its own entity, but I still feel some dissatisfaction with the fact that it doesn’t quite ‘fit’ with the rest as well as it could have. It’s almost like the author didn’t read the others before writing this one. Because of that I had to give it three stars.

7 Gabriel’s Wings by Lynnette Roman

Finally! The climax that has been alluded to at the end of each and every book comes to its fulfillment. This, the final book in the Seven Mafia Brides for Seven Brothers Series, is worth the wait. The romance between this last couple is delicately woven, not moving too quickly or suddenly, allowing for deeper characterization and a fulfilling read. There is also a lot of lovely description that enhances the story and some clever metaphors that give the story life. All in all, this was a great ending to the entire series which I enjoyed in its entirety. I would recommend reading all the books in order, however, as I’m not sure how well each would fare as a standalone, although this one in particular might be a strong enough candidate. I think readers will be able to tell that this author also co-wrote the first book in the series, which is perhaps why it seems to mesh so well with the other books. Back to five stars.

If you are interested in these books, here is a link to get you started:https://www.amazon.com/s?k=7+mafia+brides+for+7+brothers&ref=nb_sb_noss

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