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Two New Boxed Sets!

Omnibus of the Three Strand Cord Series AND Play It Again & Conspiracy of Bones!

Today is release day for two new ‘boxed sets’!

THREE STRAND CORD, BLOOD TIES and TEMPEST TOSSED are now bundled in a complete Omnibus set, as are PLAY IT AGAIN & CONSPIRACY OF BONES.

Why omnibus and why now? Well, while many authors choose to use the title ‘boxed sets’ for their ebook combined series, it doesn’t seem quite truthful to me, so I prefer the word ‘Omnibus’. However, I have wanted to see these series combined thus for quite some time and now, here they are!

Fate brought them together, but can their friendship survive the tangled web of danger and deception that threatens their very lives?  In this omnibus edition, follow the lives of Tempest, Stella, and Cherise as they navigate international espionage, kidnapping, murder, diamond smuggling, and more. From Europe to the far north, these three face life, love, and loss head-on. Available through Amazon or check out the ‘omni-link’ from Books2Read. 

Three Strand Cord Complete Series at Amazon

Three Strand Cord Complete Series at Books2Read

In Play It Again, an unlikely meeting between two polar opposites leads to more than either bargained for. Sparks fly in this story of love, life and faith set in the rockin’ 1980s.  Conspiracy of Bones continues the story with their son, archaeologist Mark Graham, who makes an unbelievable discovery in Africa – pterodactyl remains and giant human bones buried together. But skepticism and sabotage compromise the dig and put Mark’s life in danger.  This omnibus edition brings the two books together in one seamless read.

Play it Again & Conspiracy of Bones at Amazon

Play it Again & Conspiracy of Bones at Books2Read

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